Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Need a Prayer Partner? - Laury's Story

Still need a Two by Two Partner, just ask Jesus.

Laury did exactly that last Monday night! Like many of you, I think she might have wondered: How on earth can Jesus assign me a prayer partner?

This is the story of His amazing assignment:

Last Monday evening at Central Church in Collierville, we had a missions emphasis and I was there to represent my short term mission trip to China. The evening was also a celebration of Redemption 2009, and I listened again to encouragement to find a prayer partner. I have been open to the idea and hoped that I might be assigned a partner, but the encouragement tonight was to first pray that the Lord would assign you. I had no idea how I would find a partner on my own, but I quickly prayed the Lord would send me a prayer partner. The Lord answered that prayer immediately. Minutes later, an African American sister in Christ approached me to talk about my mission trip to China. She had been on a mission trip to China herself, and she was looking for a prayer partner, as well. I am so excited to learn from her and to share our prayer needs together for our families and for our city. I am grateful for my new, special friend. I hope to grow in sisterly love as we share our prayer requests and praises in the future. I am thankful for your efforts at Two By Two and am looking forward to future involvement.

Laury, we are thankful for YOU and so glad you asked Jesus for His assigned partner before we matched you with someone else! To the rest of you out there, please know if you still need help, we are happy to help you find a partner just give us a call or e-mail. But before you call, please give it a try and ASK Jesus for His assigned prayer partner first!

And, send us your Two by Two stories (just click the Submit your Story key to the right.) Jesus never ceases to amaze us and we want to tell others what He's up to!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Loving Babies & Moms

Saturday, May 2nd, was an amazing day as Two by Two joined Neighborhood Christian Center at their first ever Baby Dedication! Marilyn & Stella (Left) and Christy & Shantina (Right) have embarked on a journey as Two by Two partners. They'll not only pray for babies Awel & Keysana, but they'll pray for the City of Memphis. They realize in praying for their City, they pray for the future home of these babies and for a city that's renewed as they invite Jesus to town. We have 5 additional moms of NCC looking for prayer partners - if you're interested, just let us know, we'd love to connect you and promise it will be a fun adventure for you and your partner! We're learning so much as we love babies & moms - just Two by Two!

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