Wednesday, December 9, 2009

JOY from a Stranger!

Are You in Need of A Little JOY This Christmas? Melanie and Donna could never have imagined the JOY that a prayer partnership with a complete stranger blessed their lives with.

It all started months ago with an outstretched hand and now their friendship is one of the BEST gifts under their Christmas tree.

When I met with them recently, Melanie said that she could not express how grateful she was for the gift of her new found friend and prayer partner. Donna said, 'it works both ways - a Two by Two prayer partner is sort of like a puzzle piece and God has a way of connecting you to just the right one!'

Both Melanie and Donna have been through Joyless and Joyful Christmases but the difference this year is that they get to go through life's seasons TOGETHER!

Their encouragement is that there's a Two by Two partner out there for YOU too! Don't be afraid to ASK Jesus to show you who He wants you to pray with and then reach out your hand and watch the JOY that awaits!

Remember, no matter what you're facing this Christmas - Jesus came to earth to bring you JOY. JOY in knowing that He loves you, JOY in knowing that He holds your life securely in His hands and most of all JOY in knowing that one day - He will Wipe Away our Every Tear!

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Name: Kelly Johnson
Location: Memphis, TN, United States

I am wild, crazy about Jesus and I think anyone who comes to know Him closer is a much better person for it! Not to mention that He will totally change your life and give you 'Life Abundant!' which the Bible talks about in John 10:10. I think Jesus loved to laugh and a day without laughter is a day wasted!! Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you... then sit back and watch expectantly...

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