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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lay DownYour Burden & Be Set Free!

It's an old song, you may know it - 'Gonna lay down my burden, down by the Riverside!'

Those words could have come from any one of us! As we met down by the Riverside on a blustery February Day - we recounted burdens we've carried, luggage we've grown accustomed to and after finally letting go we made the commitment that - 'we weren't gonna study them No More!'

Study our burdens - that is. Are there burdens you've studied for years, things you just can't seem to let go of ?

It's amazing the things we continue to carry when there's someone who longs to take our burdens. Perhaps it's unbelief that someone would care that much for us, or perhaps we've grown oddly attached to the bags we carry.

The FREEDOM you'll find - when you finally let go - is like nothing else you can imagine.

You've heard us talk of Him before, you'll hear us talk of Him again - because there's no better gift we can give you than to point you to the one who longs to take your every BURDEN.

That One is Jesus and we know it's not easy releasing your grip - but we're here to help!! He truly Set Us Free from the weight on our shoulders. Everything we carried - past, present - even the future!

It doesn't mean our days are stress free, all our bills are paid and our health is in perfect order. But it does mean, when we FINALLY chose to let go of our grasp on things and open our hands to the One who's been longing to lift us up above it all - He Set Us FREE!

It's a continuous journey - that's for sure (there are days we peek back at those bags and wonder if we should....hmmm...) but then we realize that FREEDOM in Jesus, FREEDOM in letting go is the most Amazing LIFE of all.

It's a LIFE He's promised, it's our choice what we Study... we're inviting you to Study The Person of Jesus with us - you can find Him on the pages of any Bible (and if you look close enough, you'll find Him on the streets of any city.)

Just look for those reaching out in LOVE...(or for the least of these receiving Love).

Follow the sweet fragrance of GIVING.... (or look for the toothless smile thanking you for receiving).

It's amazing the places you can find Jesus when you look for Him!

You'll meet Him. Perhaps you'll even be Him!

Isn't it Time For You To Lay Down Your Burden?

There's So Much LIFE Ahead of YOU.... "Life ABUNDANT" (John 10:10)

WE DARE YOU... JOIN US Down By The Riverside & Lay Your BURDEN Down - March 27th at 9 am - (See our Event Page for details!)

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Name: Kelly Johnson
Location: Memphis, TN, United States

I am wild, crazy about Jesus and I think anyone who comes to know Him closer is a much better person for it! Not to mention that He will totally change your life and give you 'Life Abundant!' which the Bible talks about in John 10:10. I think Jesus loved to laugh and a day without laughter is a day wasted!! Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you... then sit back and watch expectantly...

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