Prayer Resources

We serve a God who longs to speak to you and put specific things on your heart. Here are some great resources to help deepen your relationship with God through prayer.

Take Charge of Your Destiny

Does it blow you away that God wants to talk to you? Well He does and in his exciting book ‘Take Charge of Your Destiny’ – Alan Keiran, Chief of Staff for the Office of the US Senate Chaplain, shares some simple pointers on how making time to listen to God and expecting God to surprise you – will allow you to experience a life transforming destiny.

Discerning the Voice of God

What if we took time to listen to the Lord’s words rather than just talking to Him about changing our circumstances?  In her book God Guides, Mary Geech teaches how to Listen to God for Guidance and reveals amazing results as she follows His wisdom.  Listening Prayer is Life Changing!

Only by the Hand of God

Pastor Jim Fleming's booklet "Only by the Hand of God" uses scripture to identify the things that matter to Jesus and express those desires in simple prayers. This is NOT a prayer book - but an illustration of a kind of praying that occurs when the Word abides in us and leaks out in our prayers, the kinds of prayers of which Jesus says, "Now that's a prayer I want to answer."
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Seek God for the City 2009
Are you weary of trying to accomplish things in your own strength? Stories of ordinary men & women fill the pages of They Found the Secret. The only difference of people like Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael & DL Moody is that they found the 'secret' of living in daily communion with Jesus and relying on His Spirit within. If you want to experience Life Abundant – following these testimonies is a great start.

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