Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lay DownYour Burden & Be Set Free!

It's an old song, you may know it - 'Gonna lay down my burden, down by the Riverside!'

Those words could have come from any one of us! As we met down by the Riverside on a blustery February Day - we recounted burdens we've carried, luggage we've grown accustomed to and after finally letting go we made the commitment that - 'we weren't gonna study them No More!'

Study our burdens - that is. Are there burdens you've studied for years, things you just can't seem to let go of ?

It's amazing the things we continue to carry when there's someone who longs to take our burdens. Perhaps it's unbelief that someone would care that much for us, or perhaps we've grown oddly attached to the bags we carry.

The FREEDOM you'll find - when you finally let go - is like nothing else you can imagine.

You've heard us talk of Him before, you'll hear us talk of Him again - because there's no better gift we can give you than to point you to the one who longs to take your every BURDEN.

That One is Jesus and we know it's not easy releasing your grip - but we're here to help!! He truly Set Us Free from the weight on our shoulders. Everything we carried - past, present - even the future!

It doesn't mean our days are stress free, all our bills are paid and our health is in perfect order. But it does mean, when we FINALLY chose to let go of our grasp on things and open our hands to the One who's been longing to lift us up above it all - He Set Us FREE!

It's a continuous journey - that's for sure (there are days we peek back at those bags and wonder if we should....hmmm...) but then we realize that FREEDOM in Jesus, FREEDOM in letting go is the most Amazing LIFE of all.

It's a LIFE He's promised, it's our choice what we Study... we're inviting you to Study The Person of Jesus with us - you can find Him on the pages of any Bible (and if you look close enough, you'll find Him on the streets of any city.)

Just look for those reaching out in LOVE...(or for the least of these receiving Love).

Follow the sweet fragrance of GIVING.... (or look for the toothless smile thanking you for receiving).

It's amazing the places you can find Jesus when you look for Him!

You'll meet Him. Perhaps you'll even be Him!

Isn't it Time For You To Lay Down Your Burden?

There's So Much LIFE Ahead of YOU.... "Life ABUNDANT" (John 10:10)

WE DARE YOU... JOIN US Down By The Riverside & Lay Your BURDEN Down - March 27th at 9 am - (See our Event Page for details!)

Monday, February 1, 2010


When we were least expecting it, LOVE Rushed In & changed our lives!

We're all from different backgrounds with different life struggles yet the one thing we agree on is that "Jesus Changed Us & We'll Never Be the Same!"

You hear a lot of people talk about Jesus - some say he was a prophet, others say a preacher - but we want to tell you how LOVE, in the person of Jesus, Rushed into our Lives....

After trying to fill the aches in our hearts with various things like human love, money, success, alcohol or many other numbing agents - we finally came to the conclusion that we just couldn't fill the ache on our own. Some of us literally cried out 'God, if you're REAL.. please reveal yourself to me!' And He did!

You see, the more we get to know Him, the more we love Him. The more we love Him, the more He allows us to love others. And as we walk alongside one another in this journey called life, He's amazingly filled the aches in our hearts with a LOVE like we've never experienced before.

Does this mean our lives are painless or free from struggles? Absolutely not! But His LOVE is allowing us to share our pain together and to lean into Him & into each other (no matter the color of our skin!)

Has God seemed distant in your life, or maybe you feel you're not quite good enough? Please know - He's waiting to RUSH IN for YOU & if you want to learn more about His LOVE & how to connect with others who love Him - please give us a call or come say hello at one of our upcoming events.

We PROMISE - When His LOVE Rushes In - you'll never be the same!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Things NEW!

Recently, Elizabeth and I shared prayers and smiles as we rejoiced over how JESUS has made all things NEW in her life.

Years ago, as she battled an addiction, Elizabeth came through Memphis Union Mission's Moriah House and she's watched God show up in amazing ways since then.

Is her life perfect? No! Is every circumstance just to her choosing? Certainly Not! But she's learned that no matter where you are & no matter what your circumstance - Jesus wants to Make All Things NEW!

All You Have to Do is Ask Him & He often puts others in our path to remind us that He's with us, He loves us and He longs to restore our past and give us a NEW future!

With a NEW life, lots of exciting things are in store for Elizabeth and her husband William in 2010. They're expecting their second child and one thing she's especially grateful for is God's restoration of relationships and the fact that He's truly used her pain to enable her to minister to others!

No matter where 2010 finds you... ASK Jesus to Make All Things NEW & don't just look for your circumstances to change - but look for the God of your every circumstance to show up and change you!

Then, grab the hand of a Two by Two Prayer Partner and Ask Jesus To Make All Things New in your City! Watch Expectantly for Him to Show Up......

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

JOY from a Stranger!

Are You in Need of A Little JOY This Christmas? Melanie and Donna could never have imagined the JOY that a prayer partnership with a complete stranger blessed their lives with.

It all started months ago with an outstretched hand and now their friendship is one of the BEST gifts under their Christmas tree.

When I met with them recently, Melanie said that she could not express how grateful she was for the gift of her new found friend and prayer partner. Donna said, 'it works both ways - a Two by Two prayer partner is sort of like a puzzle piece and God has a way of connecting you to just the right one!'

Both Melanie and Donna have been through Joyless and Joyful Christmases but the difference this year is that they get to go through life's seasons TOGETHER!

Their encouragement is that there's a Two by Two partner out there for YOU too! Don't be afraid to ASK Jesus to show you who He wants you to pray with and then reach out your hand and watch the JOY that awaits!

Remember, no matter what you're facing this Christmas - Jesus came to earth to bring you JOY. JOY in knowing that He loves you, JOY in knowing that He holds your life securely in His hands and most of all JOY in knowing that one day - He will Wipe Away our Every Tear!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Different yet Amazingly the Same!

Have you ever stared across the room at someone & thought to yourself 'They're so different from me!' & then come to realize 'They're amazingly the same!'

That happened at Two by Two's Sept. Prayer Time at Memphis Union Mission. We prayed with new residents at the Mission (who had just come off the streets and acknowledged they could no longer do this on their own).

As we prayed we too realized there are many things in our City and in our own lives that we cannot do in our own strength.

One Resident anxiously said 'Today's my first day here' and clutching his hands my friend said 'It's my first day too!' As he expressed he wasn't quite sure how to pray, she encouraged him - I don't really know how to pray either but I just talk to Jesus and I know He hears my heart!'

I'm not quite sure who was blessed more by this sweet prayer time together. As they prayed they realized, perhaps their stuggles were Different but in many ways they were Amazingly the Same!

Jesus continues to show us how very much we have in common and the amazing gift of learning from one another! The question is - Are YOU unwrapping that gift?? Don't waste another day - unwrap it and we promise you'll be Amazed!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There is HOPE!

New friends & Two by Two Prayer Partners (Beverly Lewis, left and Nancy Holcomb, right) sat with me recently at Memphis Pizza Cafe and shared about how HOPE broke into two very hopeless situations.

Through tears Beverly shared of a former life as a crack and alcohol addict (with five kids to raise on her own & no help but a small welfare check). She felt hopeless for sure, but there was something that kept drawing her back to a small church in New York City. It was there that HOPE finally got a hold of her (HOPE found in the person of Jesus) and her smile is proof that she will never be the same!

Nancy with a totally different story of hopelessness, lost her precious son Jay after a 14 year battle with spinal bifida. One can only imagine the devastation of a mother who loses a child. Yet after her own battle through more physical and emotional struggle than I have room to share here.... HOPE rushed in and saw Nancy through. She would tell anyone that Jesus is her HOPE, life is not easy but He who promised is faithful and He will hold you secure!

Nancy and Beverly laugh at how out of the box God was to bring them together. They've truly come to love one another as they've prayed for Memphis and for each other.

Originally Beverly thought to herself - She ain't like you! But as their hearts have connected in prayer, they've realized how much they have in common.

Despite our differences, despite our pain, there is HOPE and His name is Jesus!

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Name: Kelly Johnson
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I am wild, crazy about Jesus and I think anyone who comes to know Him closer is a much better person for it! Not to mention that He will totally change your life and give you 'Life Abundant!' which the Bible talks about in John 10:10. I think Jesus loved to laugh and a day without laughter is a day wasted!! Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you... then sit back and watch expectantly...

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